Inverter technology

In the years to come, all power applications will need to ensure the control and optimization of the power used. The inverter technology is progressing towards excellent performance, which fall within the more restrictive parameters of the law at the European level. ITP has always been a point of reference for all those companies that operate in the field of power electronic.

The world of home

One of the historical business fields of ITP is definitely the access control, gate opener, automatic doors.

After developing decades of experience in this field, we are also recently entered in the world of small appliances, home automation and lighting.

Transport & Green Energy

The challenge of the coming years, for the whole world, will be to consume less energy for the same services provided. From appliances, street lighting, transport, everything will have to be optimized in view of the power control. ITP with its customers, it is ready to accept this exciting challenge.


ITP in its business, for thirty years, it has followed companies in the industrial sector.
The wire-connector assemblers, CEM, PCB assemblers, manufacturers of automatic machines, have always been present in our corporate database.
And our mission is to continue and improve this service.