Our history:

1980 - ITP Srl was born in 1980 in Belluno, as a distributor of passive electronic components for the area of the Veneto region. Within a few years, he manages to get the leadership of the sector, expanding its business in the whole of northern Italy and abroad.

1996 - The ITP obtained ISO9002 certification.

1998 - This important growth, and the resulting market penetration of passive electronic components, was noticed in 1998 by the group Silverstar-Arrow. Arrow, in order to increase its turnover in the sector, acquired the major commercial lines of ITP Srl (Lelon, Arcotronics, Molex, Ho-chien, etc.) with relative contacts of customers.


2003 - The non-compete contract ends in 2003 after 5 years in which the ITP, not commercializing components, specialized itself on manufacturing of custom projects. In October 2003, the ITP's management decided to return even in the distribution sector and since that time our company has started a trend of annual growth obtaining in a short time a renewed confidence from the market. New investments for the improvement of customer service, new warehouse management, good management of the stock, wide number of suppliers, additional possibility of working "custom" components, have allowed us to increase our share in a difficult market.

2014 - Our policy provides, for the future, a constant attention to the needs of our customers, for to grow and work together, to jointly address the future challenges of a rapidly changing industry.