Inverter technology - Welding

Power Modules

Vincotech: power modules, high quality alternative to Semicron, is part of the Mitsubishi group.


iQ: Igbt, Mosfet, Diode, Thyristor chips of Infeneon , ABB, Vishay.


Kemet: world leader in the field of film capacitors, tantalum and ceramic, for your applications in DC-link snubber, Ac Filtering, motor run.
Capxon: leader in the field of electrolytic capacitors in smd, th, snap-in and screws.
Samwha Electric: our solution for large aluminum electrolytic snap-in o screws.
Icel: Italian manufacturer of film capacitors. Excellent quality and MOQ content.

Connectors and switches

M2b: European quality control for the sector of the switches.
Deca: Asian leader for the field of industrial switches, terminal blocks, DIN terminals.
Young Yak: approved in the leading European manufacturers of white goods and home appliances with them Rast5 connector, perfectly interchangeable with Lumberg, Tyco, Molex and Stocko.
GtContact: high quality and also supplies custom in the field of waterproof circular connectors. Ability to provide the cable version also molded.
Yimtek: dynamic solution for the connecting and wiring.

Filters and inductances

Dem: Italian leader in the construction of filtering solutions with service measurements in an anechoic chamber.


Frizlen: German quality for custom solutions in the field of power resistors. From a few watts to 250Kw.
Over Nine/Queen Mao: resistors th, smd and cemented version.


Hy: good quality and very competitive prices.

Motors/Pumps Ups/Charger Air conditioners Washing machines